The Doc is back! And one-hits the Yankees

Today couldn’t have been any better.

I met Ricky Romero in the Jays shop today.




Came home just in time to see the Doc pitch aganst the Yankees.

Well, I caught it at the third inning.

I was so nervous throughout the whole game. Expecially when his no-hit bid was tainted in the 6th by Ramiro Pena. He then walked the bases loaded and there was 2 out before A-rod came to the plate. He got out of that inning, K-ing A-rod looking. 

The Doc hasn’t been the Doc lately.

He was on a personal three game losing skid. Barely made it past the 6th in each. Gave up 8 runs against the redsox during his last outing at Fenway. 6 more against the Rays, even when he got run support in that game.

I was going to give up on him. 

Just like I gave up on A.J. Burnett when he use to get into trouble last year and give up SOOOO many runs in one one inning in fact and the game before that, he was a strikeout machine.

But tonight, the Doc came back and all the issues vanished.

The “he doesn’t want to pitch for the Jays” issue evaporated.

The “he’s still hurting from his groin injury” is erased.

And all the Doc could say is that he wasn’t doing well because he wasn’t being consistent at the plate. His delivery wasn’t consistent at the plate.

But for the first night in a long time, I could breathe a sign of relief.

The Doc is back and 1-hit the Yankees.

The really offensively good Yankees.

And the Jays win 6-0  



Give away an R to get a better R so far

I had to settle down a bit.

Let my emotions not run high for this blog. Because the past few blogs, I’ve just EXPLODED.

Well, just the last one.

I also had to listen to 5 million sports analyst…But you know half of those sport analyst.

They don’t even watch every single game like the fans do.

They don’t see the player. They see the stat.

They don’t see the balls and strikes, they see the after math.

They don’t see the cut fastball. They see the homerun that made the difference between the W and the L.

They tell you that your team’s doing bad, simply because they’ve lost how many 1 run games, even though they can’t tell you that half of them was because of the bullpen and the other half was because of run support.

But there’s one man in Toronto by the name of Bob McCown who can tell it like it is. He didn’t play into Rios being a two time All-Star moto or his ability to play right field with ease. He simply went into the here and now. How this move can benefit the future, not what it signified because of the past.


So, I decided to listen to him after the Rios waiver was dealt and he was the only one who I thought, had it right on the money. And it went a little something like this,  

“Rios is regressing, not progressing, said the coaches who tried and tried again to carve him into a 30/30 player, and that if he stayed, the team would just be dissappointed, so put him on waivers”

To me, that doesn’t sound like Rogers trying to save some money so that the Jays can be a 5th place team in the AL. Because this is all about buisness, not about baseball. Not about the fans.   

To me, that doesn’t even sound like a fire sale AT ALL. Even though people can argue that trading Rolen for 3 players was bad. Yet Rolen wanted to be on waivers so if he didn’t I doubt that the Jays would’ve traded him for the fortune/misfortune of having 2 good arms and a so-so third basemen and some cash.   

And to me, that sounds like an organization who believes that the future can meet the present and that guys like Ruiz can smack 2 homers in 2 games!!!! 

You can place the argument that Ruiz hit his 2 homers in a ballpark that gives them away, but did you see his second homer? Right at the deepest part of the ballpark. I’m talking DOWNTOWN!

Even though I feel like I’m being a hypocrite because it took me 2 days to type up this blog because I cried and was depressed that Rios, the hottest guy in a Jays uniform, is gone. And that I have his bobblehead, his T-shirt, his figurine, SOOO many pictures, and the list goes on, doesn’t mean that I can’t put this whole situation into perspective.

To not be easily fooled by the sports analyst who read the numbers and make their assumptions, but from a man who’s been in the buisness for 30 years and has seen this ballclub at work.

Rios, I love you man, I want to cry typing this out (God! I’m a girl!), but your days at work for T.O. weren’t meant to last that long. Hopefully you do better in your new ballclub (Right now, he’s 0-4 with 2 strikeouts, while today, Ruiz was 2-5 with 1 homer). 

That’s it for me tonight


Loves (xoxoxo)   



And I thought the Jays had it bad…

I decided to watch a Yankees-Redsox game today.

It wasn’t the first, nor is it going to be the last. But honestly, I thought the Jays had it bad.

Smoltz struggled. The redsox bullpen struggled. And even though Joba was no better, the offence was the story for the Yanks, getting run after run after run.

I was cheering hard for the Redsox because, in reality, it’s anyone BUT the yanks.

Anyone other then them kicking butt.

I had to stop watching because I’m not a Yankee fan at all. I hate them. I think they’re arrogant and egotistical. I can’t stand the way they strut their stuff on other teams fields, acting like they’re the **** just because they enjoy the opportunity to hog World Series, year after year.

Their fan base isn’t a smart one either.

They enjoy watching their team win and it doesn’t matter how.

I don’t think they’ve even noticed the arm Derek Jeter has at short. His inside out swing. His defensive plays that rob base hit after base hit from players all over the league.

I don’t think they’ve noticed the way Teixera would do anything to get an out on first or to induce a double play ball. By kicking it out of the second basemen’s glove. It doesn’t matter whether the team was up four runs, or down by one.

They probably didn’t notice the way Milky Cabrera is on someone’s home turf. Pointing out his Yankee uniform while the fans heckle at him over and over again.

It was fun at first and now it’s just annoying.

I’m sick to my stomach of how they have destroyed the payroll in baseball.

The way they manipulate the game by forcing the umps to call strikes even though I’m at home, watching the game on my big screen T.V. and YELLING that that pitch was CLEARLY a ball. 

I thought the Jays had it bad.

That two game series made me want to tear my heart out because even though the Jays are CLEARLY not going anywhere this season (14 games back in the AL East), It sickens me that this HORRIBLE team is winning so many ballgames. Beating up on so many ball teams.

I think all fans from other teams should take a stand and hate the Yankees as much as the Redsox fans do.

Not because they stole Babe Ruth.

Not because they had to wait 86 years to get a world series. 

Not because they allegedly used Roids 

It’s just because they’re just a bunch of rich ******** that make the game SOOOO unbearable. SOOO disgraceful.  

Beat up on the poor kids, why don’t cha.

Kick the hobo on the street.

God! How I hate the Yanks.



Off Day in G Major



No Bluejays baseball today. 😦

So, to fill my baseball high, I will turn on the T.V. and watch the Bosox take on the A’s. Until I have to go to work.

I don’t mind when the Jays go on an off day. But, when they go on one the day after they lose with our Ace on the mound (who pitched amazing as usual surrendering 3 runs on 11 hits. He did battle though, but managed to come out of almost each inning untouched), and after the Jays couldn’t figure out how to hit much less score a lot of runs on the guy with the two lastnames, Rowland-Smith, the only thing I want the team to do, is to go back out there and fork out some W’s.

Adam Lind (one of my favorite Jays), did make it interesting though, After giving up a single to Aaron Hill, squashing Rowland-Smith’s chance of getting a no-no, Adam Lind homered making the game 2-1 Jays.


But then, the Doc couldn’t hold on to the lead, which I don’t blame him.

Facing a future Hall of Famer, Ken Griffey Jr., Ken hit a RBI-double, sending two home.

By then, I changed the channel, because I was so heart broken :(.

The verdict: 3-2 Seattle.


There’s one good thing about this off-day though. It’s 2 days away from the trade deadline.

The REAL one. Not the made-up, pretend one, the one that should have forced all teams willing, to bow to J.P. and ask for the opportunity to get a doctor who can bring them so much closer to become the WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I’m exaggerating. But, not really.

Apparently to J.P., the fake one was not real enough because he’s still talking to the press about how the Doc can still be traded.

Maybe I should hold a sign like that guy in the stands yesterday, which said:



 Maybe then, seeing how a lot of people want that trade to be done before the deadline, the Jays organization would get that one done. (lol)

 But who would we trade J.P. for??????

Maybe we should get that guy who was the GM for the Jays in the 1992-1993 world series.

Since the Jays are going retro. We have Cito and the whole pitching staff from those World Series already. We have Paul Beeston. Why not go retro again???

I could go on and on, lol, but I won’t.

I just can’t wait till tomorrow, when the Jays take on the A’s and the trade deadline has passed.

You could convert these words to notes on a scale, and I’m preety sure, this is how the off day sounds like in G Major.



Blowout at 2nd Home

I switched channels on the T.V. lastnight and watched the first inning of the Mariners-Jays game and when Aaron Hill hit a single between first and second, I couldn’t believe my ears!

So many Jays fans cheering on the Jays in Seattle? If I were just listening to the game, I would’ve thought it was Seattle who scored a run or something. But it turns out, that all the Western and Maritime Canadians took on the action in Seattle and made it seem like it was Rogers Centre Number 2. Which made me love watching this game even more ❤

It was a good game and the Jays looked like they were playing better ball, which they haven’t done consistantly for a while.They scored a lot on King H who was absolutely dominating in his last 7 starts, winning them all, in fact and he had a really good lifetime record against the Jays (2-1 with a 2.89 ERA). But he didn’t get a W tonight. Ricky was a bit shaky but not so much so to lose the the game. He also had really good D behind him including the leaping grab by Scott Rolen to rob a base hit and also create a double play. 

Then there was the two-out rally which started after Seattle took the lead in the 5th The score was 4-3.

Vernon Wells singles

Overbay walks

Rios singles, Vernon scores and ties the game at 4.

Barajas gets an infield single (lol..B-Rod) Overbay scores. 

JoeJoe singles. Rios scores 

Scutaro hits a sharp grounder to third, Hannahan can’t glove it and it goes into the corner. Barajas scores.  

Pitcher change.

Aaron Hill grounds out. (3 outs)  


And the scoring didn’t stop there as the Jays take it 11-4.

I hope the next game is like this. Too bad I’m working and can’t watch 😦

Loves (xoxoxo)




Just a bit of Tweaking

… Is basically what the Jays need.

No Doc signing for some other team for a boat load of prospects who’s future is ????

No other trades (unless it’s Vernon…Yes. I’m the one in the stands booing him)

Nothing else but additions.

Rogers, Just give the team a couple of $$$ and let them get a veteran pitcher, a good closer and a big bat and 2010, here we come!


I went to the game today (I didn’t even know it was dog day! lol), and it was really good. It was overshadowed by the horrible loss the day before, to the point where a guy behind me said in the bottom of the seventh that the Jays need 6 more runs to win this game (lol). But they did win, 5-1 against the hot Rays. With Scott Rolen’s 3 run homer and a spectacular performance by Cecil (who gave up one run on 5 hits), started the game of right, followed by two insurance runs and League and Frasor closing out the right way, made the game enjoyable. And you forget the distasteful loss the day before. 

I’m not going to deny it but the Rays scare me more then the Redsox when they come to town, or when the Yankees come to town. They scare me to the point where I go crazy when they get a base hit or scream like crazy when they strike out and this has happened to me even before the a for mentioned loss yesterday.  

With the RedSox, you can just out cheer all the silly RedSox fans who couldn’t get a seat in Fenway (because it only seats 35 000+ with people crawling in from outside. What type of ballpark seats 35 000+? No wonder why they’ve had so many sellouts) and decided to come across the boarder and get a ticket at our ballpark. You can call them 2004 bandwaggon fans, talk about the infamous curse and you’ll get them to shut up quick.

With Yankee fans, lol, just yell at everyplayer that comes up, call him out for using steriods, and their view of their players are quickly tainted. And they shut up as well. Or they get in your face and you’re like, what the hell? This is our ballpark you’re invading with your players drenched in steriods (or lack there of)  

The Rays though, come with their fans and their cowbells. I don’t even know how those cowbells work (well, other then the obvious). See, when our player has a count that’s 3-1, they ring the darn thing. And when their player is on base, they ring it again! Like, what’s up with that? 

But the Rays, they’re young and athletic and fast and hit for power and hit for average and NO ONE KNOWS THEM! We don’t know whether B.J. Upton slept with a hooker last night or whether Evan Longoria picks his nose for fun. NOTHING! What do you yell at them for????

NOTHING! We were just heckling “Nnnnniiiieeeemmmmaannnn” Most of the time and for fun and at the top of the 8th, cheering on their third base coach (lol). And that’s why the Rays terrify me. Unless, of course, you have a good crowd to cheer on the team. You can’t avoid Jays-Rays series because it’s a catch 22. If no one shows up, they barely win and if ppl show up, they have a better chance at winning. If you build it, they will come.

Hence the tweaking of this ballclub. Build a contender who can shatter the AL east and we will come. And if you don’t, then I guess we still have to show up. How can you build a contender with no money?

That is it for me tonight. At least the Jays have a some what decent road trip. We’ll see how this pans out.

The Halladay tradeoff

I’m sick of it! Seriously sick of it.

Hearing all this stuff about Halladay being traded and J.P. saying something else and blablablablabla. I’m done. Wake me up when it’s July 28th and no ones talking about this anymore.

So, I was at the game today and believe you me, I don’t think we can afford it.

Watching Bautista let a double play ball get away was disheartening but more so the Choo choo choo guy getting a triple and driving in the same people on base was ubsurd.

The fact of the matter is, is that if the Doc was pitching, no one would’ve been holding their breath, running to the washroom, or to the nearest exit claiming that the game was over, because the doctor would’ve performed open heart surgery then and there and would’ve gotten out of it, regardless of horrible D. Regardless of  these stupid trade rumours.The man instills FAITH in this ballclub. Faith in a new tomorrow..the 2010 tomorrow. The tomorrow with better pitching. Now, I’m not religious (unless you’re talking baseball), but that says something about this man.


And what upsets me the most is bringing in Marco Scutoro’s name into it! J.P., don’t you remember that we made this guy?? From the pits of being name utility man to one of the best leadoff guys in the majors and you’re going to talk about scouts eating him up. Don’t you remember that whith Marco gone, who do we have at shortstop. Oh..Ya . Johnny Mac who hit his first homer of the season in the ballpark that gives them away like floss at the dentist (Floss once daily!) .


I think that J.P. should just leave. No one likes him anymore. I’m preety sure Paul Beeston is counting down the days till your contract expires.

I give the guy credit for what he’s done. But I’ll bash the guy for what he hasn’t done. 8 seasons with no post season apperance and I think he wants 2010 also if…If that  thing happens.

So, the tradeoff? An awesome ace for a couple prospects that may not bobble the ball in the infield or pitch till the 5th inning.

Once again, wake me up on July 28th, when all of this talk is over.